Art in ReAliTy : How Harm Led to Healing by Cierra Rowe

Reality is real and ART is scattered within ReAliTy. Perfection is a brittle myth but there is beauty within the cracks.

After childhood vanished, it was time for womanhood. As a young adult, before deciding to focus on art, I often felt that I was a natural loner. I pushed people away and never truly committed to any kind of serious relationship (friendship or otherwise), for fear of someone truly getting to know me and then in turn, hurting me. I tried to ''protect'' myself as best as I could but I also wanted to please everyone, if that makes sense. I was a foolish girl. I wore fake smiles, I tried to edit my body and I constantly compromised myself to better suit someone else. This, in turn, devoured me and it was all my fault. I felt like a rotting animal.

In many ways, throughout adolescence, I was a kind of uncertain drifter trying to find where I fit in. That weirdo you saw in the hallways with scars all over her arm who wouldn't make eye contact and tried…

My Horse Wasn't Good Enough: A Memoir

**Names have been changed

I have no plans of going horseback riding. I saw how that ended for Superman. But as a first grader I was expected to draw a horse within a workbook. No, I didn't go to horse school...It was just part of a short little activity that my teacher at the time wanted the class to complete.

By the way, this did not happen in art class. I loved art class and I am still, to this very day, grateful to my childhood art teachers for their encouragement and warmth. That meant so much. HUGE HUGS TO (nice) ART TEACHERS!

Anyways, on that particular day I was sitting by a childhood friend named ''Sheila''. Sheila was AMAZING at drawing and sketching horses. I mean her ability to capture such realistic detail at such a young age was baffling. So of course the teacher bragged on her artistic talents. Needless to say, I didn't like that too much.

Me and Sheila were close. We both liked art and frequently paired up for school projects. We even talked abo…